Sunday, August 17, 2008

Simply Jesus - Rivals

John 4

Its amazing how even when something good is happening we have a way of turning it into bad. The religious leaders of Jesus time were very good at it. Great things were happening. People were repenting to the message of the Kingdom. John was baptising people and Jesus disciples were baptising people. So the Pharisees decided to keep score and started a competition and then had the people joining in.

How is it that when we are all on the same side we Christians can get into a competition. Pastors can be the worst at this. I really believe we should be interested in numbers. Numbers help us to understand if we are being effective in what we are doing. Numbers of people who are getting saved, baptised, attending Life Groups attending Sundays etc etc all are indicators.

With at least 2 provisos:

1. The people behind the numbers are more important than the numbers themselves - ALWAYS.
2. For the few of you who read this and are in church leaders write this down. When we are on the same side we should CELEBRATE with and not COMPETE with our fellow leaders.

Remember who and what we are fighting with and its not each other.


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