Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Simply Jesus - Go Go Go

Luke 10 & 11

In the previous chapter Jesus sent out 12 now he commissions 72 to go preach the good news. His message was and is now "Go tell". Seems like Jesus had similar problems to us today. A huge harvest of people ready to hear and accept his message but not many people actually telling the story.

Not much has changed. The team he was sending out had difficulty handling rejection. What if we tell people and they don't listen, what if they laugh at us, what if they think they are weird. Or whatever reason we have to not share the good news of Jesus. There really is no new reason just the same ones Jesus faced with his followers here.

(v10) Jesus was telling them not to worry about rejection, there is a big harvest out there ready to hear the message. Just move on and tell someone else.

Great advice. Keep going and telling.


Anonymous said...

nce one

Anonymous said...

go and tell he did not say go and show The church of Jesus Christ is yet to get this message we are still in "the action speak louder that words thing" we got to tell them (speak)the enemy has blocked the lost ears blind their eyes, no more hiding in the cupboard we are to blame for the state of the world such a simple instruction and yet we have mixed it with our own meaning go and tell, talk about Jesus

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