Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Simply Jesus - Nearest and dearest

John 7

We often make the point that Jesus lived as a man facing many of the same issues we face. The Bible also says he was tempted in the same way we are. The difference being is that he never sinned.

Here in this chapter we see that Jesus faced a heartache that many people face. We have found this great new relationship with Jesus and we want our family members, father, mother, brothers and sisters to know Jesus too.

(v 5) His brothers were pushing him like this because they didn’t believe in him either.

Jesus knew what it was like to have His own brothers not believe in Him. James, Joses, Simon and Jude the guys he grew up with, played with, eat with and probably worked with did not believe in him.

However things must have changed for at least 2 of them, James as a leader of the early church in Jerusalem, and Jude wrote a letter which forms part of the Bible. in the short letter bearing his name.

Just shows you that things can change and people close to can move from scepticism to belief.


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