Thursday, August 28, 2008

Simply Jesus - Peter the rock

John 18

Jesus followers were certainly and interesting bunch. From all walks of life but with quite a few fishermen. (With my family background I have to say that.)

What I am most glad about is the so many of them were failures. We maybe that’s a bit strong suffice to say that they all failed in some way.

Peter probably the chief proponent of failure:

* He sought prominence.
* He thought His way was better than Jesus way. (to that Jesus called him Satan!)
* His faith was rocked by looking at the circumstances. (But he had enough about him to get out of the boat)
* He was aggressive.
* He betrayed Jesus at the crux moment.
* The list goes on...

Yet to Peter was entrusted the opening preaching slot in church history. The ultimate visiting speaker slot. God is bothered far less by failure than we are. Its our training ground. have a mantra in their church environment. Failure is not an option: its ESSENTIAL.


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