Saturday, August 16, 2008

Simply Jesus - Grand Cru

John 2 & 3

Growing up in church I was always told that Alcohol was evil and you must never touch it. But it also intrigued me that the first miracle that I read of the Jesus performed was making wine out of water. (Don't really want to go into that right now but if you want to watch what I think is a very good message on the subject listen to Perry Noble here.)

What fascinates me is the relationship between Jesus and his mother. This is the first miracle that we read of Jesus doing but clearly their was an expectation from His mother that he could do something about the small difficulty of a lack of wine. Jesus is reluctant but His mother presses on. Verse 5 in the message says "She went ahead anyway" and presses Jesus into action.

I'm not sure why, maybe out of love for His mother, maybe he didn't want her to be embarrassed, I don't know but he goes ahead and changes water in to a Grand Cru wine.

In someway Jesus reacted to not giving up.


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