Thursday, August 21, 2008

Simply Jesus - God

John 10

Time and time again through varying statements and stories Jesus proclaims himself as the one thing the Jewish leaders couldn't cope with - He claimed to be God.

This was the stumling block for so many of them. They were fine with his funny stories, they were ok with some of his moral teaching (until it got too close to home and meant it needed life change), they were fine with the good deeds and miracles but him being God that was a problem.

That is still the stumbling block today. Most people accept that Jesus was a good man, a moral teacher and good example but Jesus being God that is another matter.


Anonymous said...

Hi Billy

Thought I would have a look at what you had to say, quite impressive. This is a great way for me to continue with my daily devotions in the afternoons when I go to the gym in the morning.

Thanks Billy

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