Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Simply Jesus - Integrity

Luke 12

A huge crowd had built up around Jesus. Most of them had probably just witnessed Jesus rip into the religious leaders. Frauds, hopeless and phonies. Jesus was "angry" with them because as he put it "You took the key of knowledge, but instead of unlocking doors, you locked them. You won’t go in yourself, and won’t let anyone else in either.”(11 v 52).

Then Jesus turns to his followers and begs them not to become like these guys. Making sure they don't hide behind a mask, making sure what they say in public is the same as they do in private. Jesus is telling them that in spreading his message integrity is vital.

An encounter with Jesus gives us the knowledge of a new way of life. Knowing it is easy, living it is hard. We have a choice: put on a mask and pretend we are living it whilst reminding other people how they are failing or take the mask off admit we struggle ask God to help us on a daily basis and encourage our fellow travellers along the way.

Integrity is a choice.


Anonymous said...

my people are perishing for the lack of knowledge We got the keys to the doors of knowledge but will not use them. worse we make sure no one else can either You know i once heard someone say the bible is a simple book but we make it complicated thank you for this series Simple Jesus It is helping us to understand Jesus in a simple way with a lot of humour

Anonymous said...

i think Jesus was also a humourous guy i am sure he smiled when he drew the circle say what he had to say and the stoners all left

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