Sunday, August 31, 2008

Simply Jesus - Breakfast is served

John 21

It is amazing how easy it is to forget Jesus. The events of the last few days must have been heavy on the disciples minds. Death and burial gave way to resurrection and hope. The disciples had met the risen Jesus on at least 3 occasions now so you couldn't say that nothing was going on.

So when a few of His disciples met together you would have thought they would have been strategising about what this meant to their mission, what had Jesus already told them about the kingdom and what part did they play.

Yet somehow they decided to go back to what they knew. Back fishing - for fish - not men. It also sounds like they were not very good at it because they caught nothing. Jesus had to help them out on that too.

Around a breakfast he finally has a heart to heart with Peter who was a natural born leader but prone to huge mistakes. He deals with Peter's betrayal and gives him a specific mission and it was not catching fish.

In the words of Philip Yancey "Jesus took a huge risk in going back to heaven. He took the risk of being forgotten."

Take a moment now to remember Him.


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