Monday, August 04, 2008

Simply Jesus - KISS

Luke 9

Sometimes I think church and the Christian life gets all a bit complicated. Don't get me wrong I need to keep learning and I am committed to keep learning. I want to be a better Christian, I want to be a better leader, I want to be a better husband and I want to be a better father. Obtaining knowledge and applying it to our lives is vital.

But here when Jesus is sending out His followers on their mission he seems to imply that old acronym - KISS - Keep it simple stupid.

I love so many things about the way we do church today. I love the music. (I could not have said that 30 years ago) I love practical Jesus centred teaching, I love our use of video to aid our church experience, I love the way that we welcome guests with great coffee and cakes, I love how we can connect and learn from leaders around the world through the web, I love that we can even visit those leaders and see first hand what they are doing.

Those of you who know me know that I love technology and gadgets. I love my mac, I love the web, I love my iPod, I am looking forward to getting an iPhone. But Jesus reminds us here that we don't need the latest gadget, fad or method to fulfil his mission. We must always remember that (v4) We are the equipment.

All we need is his commission with his power and authority. God is not primarily interested in instruments or music, methods or practices, video or lights his equipment is people.

Keep it simple stupid.


Anonymous said...

good job someone's happy with it all then

Anonymous said...

May God really help us be better equipment. Sometimes, it feels like we're old rusty tools that need a lot of cleaning up to work properly.

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