Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Simply Jesus - Betrayed

Luke 22 & 23

Jesus hand picked a group of 12 men to follow him and be the closest people to him. But even Jesus had one of his closest people betray him and walk away. Judas was there with him through thick and thin, he saw all the miracles all the healings. He was in the thick of it then he chose to be disloyal and took the path of betrayal.

I saw this video sometime ago from Pastor Ed Young talking about betrayal in Church life. Its aimed more at church leaders but important principles to here.

By the way I am here at MKCC for the duration. Hope you are not disappointed. Years ago I made the mistake of walking away from the table because of pride. I will never make that mistake again. I took a covenant vow with a band of brothers from MKCC on a boat in Greece. I am at the table and I am not leaving.


Anonymous said...

Nice one It is very sad These are churches built on rebellion and deception ie satan tried to build his kingdom by deception starting with 1/3 of the angels sadly it is still operating today They will have a lot to answer for

Anonymous said...

you know we got to keep an eye on the GOD TOLD ME crowd alias church pirates

Anonymous said...

who is the handsome lad in the brown t-shirt at the front

Anonymous said...

ah ha!! we now know who the famous 'anonymous' is - we have a picture!!

Anonymous said...

it is hard when your best friends betray you but then we are no greater than the master Jesus

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