Sunday, February 24, 2008

What if we saw Miracles

Steve hit it yesterday at church preaching the next part of our "What if" teaching series. What if miracles happened. You can listen to it here.

One of the things that hit me was Steve asking, when we prayed for something did we really believe that it would really happen. Would that person really be healed? Would that situation really be changed? It really made me think about the many prayers I have made and I am not really sure I expect to see the unexpected every time. Time to repent!

Steve suggested that sometimes we as Christians want to see miracles more for a sign to bolster our faith than as God moving in peoples lives who do not even know God. He put together a great video about what people in the street thought about miracles. I though it was great. Take a look below.


Anonymous said...

it was good - excellent. The bit I remembered the most was near the end - all those people that Jesus healed - they all died! Their healing was only a temporary thing that made the remainder of their earthly lives more enjoyable. Its good to keep perspective about why some people get healed and some don't!

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