Thursday, February 07, 2008

Day 4 - 28 Day Challenge

Silence is not an option.

God moving always provokes a reaction and it sometimes comes from the most unexpected places. For the religious leaders of the time healing a man crippled for 40 years was not on the agenda. They wanted the status quo and their pious rules to make themselves look God not a kingdom mission.

They wanted to silence this new movement that was bursting on to the scene with 1000's of people starting to follow Jesus each day. I love Peter and Johns answer in verse 20.

"As for us, there’s no question—we can’t keep quiet about what we’ve seen and heard.”

Once you have met with Jesus silence is not an option you have just got to tell others. His salvation is just to radical a life intervention to go quietly into the night.

One thing I have noticed already in the first few chapters of Acts is that the phrase "They were filled with the Holy Spirit." appears often. You just can not live this life without the Holy Spirit. Its not just a one off happening where somewhere in the past someone prayed for us and we spoke in another language its a day by day experience of continually being filled with the Spirit.

The disciples were together in a room in Acts 2 and they were filled with the Spirit. In Acts 4 v 31 they were in another room (maybe the same room) the same thing happened to at least some of the same people.

Don't look back to some past experience be filled with the Holy Spirit today and every day.

My Prayer

God I am open today to you in my life. I can not and will not stay silent about your greatness and what you have done in my life. Fill my life today with your Spirit so there is no room for anything else.


Anonymous said...

Verse30 thell us when filled with the Holy Spirit we will be able to speak God's Word with freedom and boldness and courage. I encourage you that we all pray this that we will be fearless in spreading God's message.

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