Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 14 - 28 Day Challenge

Missions trip anyone?

If this was the first organised missions trip of the early church what a start. Lied about, rumours spread, chased out of town, beaten and left for dead and pursued by a mob from town to town. I am not sure I would have signed up for this mission’s trip. (I thought a mission’s trip with George Ridley was hard but he has nothing on Paul and Barnabas)

Yet they saw many people become Christians, churches were planted and disciples were strengthened.

Returning home they shared with great joy what God had accomplished through them. (V27) They were so happy that God had used them to open the door of salvation to so many people. The establishment of Gods kingdom was more important than the hardship they faced.

Now however was time for a rest back at their home church.


Anonymous said...

One must ask himself the question: does it worth it? It 's important to keep in mind the real motive of our actions.If we know why we're doing what God called us to do,then only,we'll be ready to face any kind of difficulties.God bless you all.

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