Monday, February 04, 2008

Day 1 - 28 Day Challenge

Reading through the Gospels time and time again you hear Jesus talking to His disciples and the crowds about the Kingdom. He used stories to try to explain what the Kingdom of Heaven was like. It was a kingdom that was growing, full of love, justice, truth and righteousness. Jesus mission on earth was to declare the Kingdom of God.

It would appear that in Acts 1 v 6 the disciples still misunderstood His message of the kingdom. They were still looking for Jesus to set up a physical literal Kingdom in the land of Israel. Even after spending years with Jesus they still hadn't quite grasped the enormity of Jesus mission. A Kingdom that could not be constrained by wall, borders, race or gender. It was a kingdom that was for all people everywhere throughout all time.

Jesus answer in Acts 1 v 8 seeks to set them on the right path. It would seem that the answer to their question was the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit would help them get their vision and mission right. Just receiving the Holy Spirit would focus them on and give them power to become witnesses.

My Prayer

Father help me to understand completely your vision and mission for the world. Fill me afresh to day with the Holy Spirit so that I will have the boldness and power to be a witness for you to everyone I meet today. Open my heart to the gifts you want to give to people though me today.


Anonymous said...

Acts 1
It is the first time I’ve thought about Theophilus to whom the Acts and Gospel of Luke are addressed. I Googled Theophilus and learned that this means ‘friend of God’ or beloved by God or lovers of God.

I pondered on the following;

4… Jesus commanded the apostles to stay put in Jerusalem – why – couldn’t the spirit have come upon them wherever they were?

** I may not always know Gods ways but I must obey

Up until they were filled with the Holy Spirit, were they were void of the spirit?

**I need to be regularly renewed/refilled with the power of the Holy Spirit

12... The apostles appear to have obeyed immediately and returned to Jerusalem
** I must obey – immediately

21 – 26… Interesting that the complement of 12 had to me maintained and Judas’ place had to be filled?

Interesting criteria and method used to select Judas’ replacement
- Someone with the team from the time Jesus was baptised to the day he arose to heaven
- “you know every heart…” Heart matters again
- Seeking Gods guidance to make the choice
** To serve Christ effectively, I must know Christ and have the right motives

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