Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 10 - 28 Day Challenge

Getting God's Attention

We all like getting the attention of someone who is important to us. If a spouse, parent or friends is attentive to us we like it. Sometimes we will even go out of our way to attract attention. (Even by doing bad things sometimes) To get God's attention surely must be important to us. Here we get an insight into what brought Cornelius to God's attention.

It was not great preaching or an act of heroism it was "Prayers and neighbourly acts".

Traditions or God's will

This is another pivotal point in the history and development of the church. Were they going to hang on to the past and their safe Jewish traditions or were they going to embrace the future and God's mission to all mankind. It would seem that it was a difficult transition to make because God had to do multiple miracles through different people placing all the pieces in the jigsaw to make sure they all got the point. God's mission was for the world not a select few.

What traditions and mentalities do we have to address on our mission to the world? What is God speaking to us about and are we being stubborn?

No hero worship

(v26) Seems like the tendency to hero worship was alive and well in the early church. The church has never been and never will be about a select group of specialists, Senior Pastors, Elders, Ministry team etc. It is about ordinary every day believers who are passionately committed to a relationship with Jesus.

My Prayer

Lord help me to live for you and not for anyone else and realise that you put a high premium on simple kindness.


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