Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 7 - 28 Day Challenge

A Squandered Inheritance

In Chapter 7 we have an incredible account of the martyrdom of Stephen. The man chosen to be a table servant.

Once again I am struck by the quality of this man. Here we see the first martyr of the church. It was not one of the Apostles it was a guy who served tables in the church. But what credentials he had, he was honest, was respected, full of power, he performed miracles. Most importantly he was a man full of the Holy Spirit. Time and again this week we have read over and over in the first 7 chapters of Acts that the early Christians were full of the Holy Spirit.

The verse that struck me most was v 53. The Jews had God's law handed to them gift wrapped and they squandered it.

What an indictment to squander the gift of God. They had it all but they wasted it.

My Prayer

God I open myself again today to your Holy Spirit. Fill my life again today so I can live a life of boldness totally sold out for you. I realise I need more of you in my life for me to be the person I want to be. You have given me so many gifts to help me, a rich church heritage, your word, a great family and great friends. Help me not to get distracted and live out your promises.


Anonymous said...

the way Stephen acted shows the power of the Holy Spirit.No man can speak like that.He didn't fear for his own life,but went before his"judges"full of confidence.

Anonymous said...

imagine being the first person to be martyred for their faith - imagine having your back up against the wall and having to choose if to denounce - and live or remain steadfast - and die!
It's happening all over the world TODAY - we are in a remarkably comfortable position her in UK.

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