Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 13 - 28 Day Challenge

Happy Disciples

Antioch had grown into a great church. It had great influence and today would probably have had the fashionable title of a "Mega" church. It probably had great music and certainly had great nationally famous teachers. (v1) Being a pastor teacher it could possibly have been described as the plumb job outside of Jerusalem. It would probably have been the church leadership position to have.

Paul had now been accepted by the church and had "settled" down to lead one of the world’s great churches. Well that was until God explained his plan. Paul and his long time friend Barnabas were to embark on a season of church planting. Leaving the relative safety of the established church and hit the highroad to establish brand new churches and brand new Christians.

The message spread like wildfire across the region at the same time as they were booted out of town. Successes in conversions in the early church were so often accompanied by hardship for the preachers. But these guys were focused. Their joy and happiness was found in the expansion of the kingdom not their own personal comfort. (v52)

My Prayer

Lord help me always to remain focused on your mission to the world and be open to you changing my plans to fall in line with your will and purpose.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes,it's so hard to accept God's change of plan,and to remain focus.Yet,He's the one who knos best.


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