Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 19 - 28 Day Challenge

Paul arrives in Ephesus for the second time but on this occasion it was not a fleeting visit he stayed there for nearly 3 years.

On arrival he found a small group of 12 Jesus followers and continued to preach and teach. It would seem that Paul was very successful in his church planting campaign in that it incited a riot by the guild of silversmiths that made statues after its adopted god.

12 people and Paul, full of the Holy Spirit, grew the church in Ephesus to the point where it was closing down idol worship. Effective! In fact the Bible records that everyone in Asia heard the message of Jesus. (v10)

What can happen in our lives if we are open to the Holy Spirit and are committed above anything else to share the good news of Jesus?


Anonymous said...

just one word:commitment.

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