Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 9 - 29 Day Challenge

God of Surprises

If you were looking for a top line ambassador, someone who would represent you before kings. (v 15). Who would you choose? More to the point who would be the most unlikely candidate from those we have been introduced to so far in the book of acts. Surely one of the Apostles. Not God!

He chooses the person that seems to have been most against Him. Saul seems to have been on a personal mission to bring disaster to this new movement called the Way. Yet God springs a surprise on the early church by choosing their number one enemy to take the church forward to new heights.

Reading the story with hindsight looses some of its risk. We know now that Saul who became Paul was a mainstay of the church, planting churches, developing doctrine and writing most of what we now know as the New Testament. Back at the start of the story taking a risk on this man was opening yourself to death.

People like Ananias and Barnabas are heroes in church history. Without their attentiveness to God, their willingness to trust and the audacity to take a risk, who knows what would have happened to this great man of God.

My Prayer

Help me God never to write anybody off from your grace. You can reach anyone and everyone even people I think are God haters. Your life transforming power can change any heart. Help me to be attentive to your voice and boldness to take risks


Anonymous said...

Never underestimate anybody,as no one knows God's plan.Most importantly,never understimate yourself as we are all precious.He paid the ultimate price so that we are today called children of God.God chooses who He wants,to do what He wants them to do,at the right time.Just open your heart and let Him do what He planed to do with you.Thank you Jesus as i beleive You can use me at anytime to accomplish your mission,amen.

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