Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 16 - 28 Day Challenge

Leadership Training

Yet another character is introduced to us in Acts 16 - Timothy. This was Paul's second visit to Lystra and probably Timothy became a follower of Jesus on Paul's first visit. In the intervening time it is clear that Timothy had grown to be a quality disciple. He was well respected in his hometown and a nearby town. (v2)

This second encounter was to be the start of a life long friendship. Actually more of a father son relationship. When writing to timothy Paul describes him as "his own son in the faith" (1 Tim 1 v 2)

Paul took Timothy with him on this historic mission that was to see the message of Jesus cross over into Europe. Timothy was learning first hand at Paul's side. He would have witnessed the highs and the lows. New cities, new continents, new disciples, new churches, miracles, beatings, prison and deliverance. What an education.

Surely this is the ultimate in leadership development. Instead of taking this bright young man and sticking him in a college or course Timothy experienced life with his mentor and spiritual father.

His love and respect for Paul even meant he went to be with him in prison. History suggests that Timothy finally settled in Ephesus where he found martyrdom just like his mentor.


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