Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Day 2 - 28 Day Challenge

God knows what he is doing.

Acts 2 v 23 tells us that Jesus was "following the deliberate and well-thought-out plan of God" (message). Just hours earlier it probably didn't seem to these disciples that there was much of a plan at all.

This Jesus they had been following had been crucified yes he had risen from the dead but he still had left them with some wierd instruction just to wait in Jerusalem for something to happen. The Holy Spirit was going to come and somehow that was going to make the difference. So there they were in the middle of a Jewish Holiday huddled together the remains of His followers waiting and wondering. Then it happened and everything changed.

God's plan suddenly became clear. He planned to have his followers in Jerusalem at this important time with people from all over the world. Then he gave His followers, through the Holy Spirit, the ability to speak in languages they had never spoken so that everyone in Jerusalem could here His message loud and clear.

Then the same Holy Spirit gave a scared fisherman the ability to preach with great power and in one day the church explodes. We need to remember God knows what he is doing.

My Prayer

Help me always to remember that it is your plan that matters God. I will not always know the way forward but help me to be patient for your plan to come into action.


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