Thursday, February 28, 2008

Making Jesus Visable

Michael from Oakleaf Church posted this:

Preachers won’t change the world. We don’t need any more celebrity ministers, writing books and putting on more conferences. What we need are people, with jobs, mortgages and kids, to embrace the mission and become a missionary. Preachers won’t change the world…it will happen when people take the mission seriously.

I love preaching, I suppose like most preachers I like the sound of my own voice (maybe not). But to preach Jesus and the hope and life change he brings is the most incredible privilege I can imagine but than can only ever be at best a catalyst for individuals to grasp hold of the message for themselves and really live in this world for Jesus. Only then will people really see Jesus.

God is already present in the most unexpected places. We just need to make God visible. - Philip Yancey, Finding God in Unexpected Places.


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