Saturday, February 09, 2008

Day 6 - 28 Day Challenge

Situations Vacant - Serving Tables

Seems like the explosive growth that the early church had seen at its inception had finally brought some growing pains. We have read over the last few chapters of how the early converts had met together and met each others needs. Here in Ch 6 we have the fist sign of any tension in the church.

Seems like a section of the church felt like they had been discriminated against. Their widows were not being looked after as well as other widows. Difficult to know if their concerns were genuine or not but what we do know is that the Apostles reacted to their complaint.

They did however recognise their role of leadership of the church. At a moment like this it would have been so easy for them to leave their responsibility and get involved in meeting the need. I feel if they had done this the church would have suffered. Their gifting and responsibility was to lead and teach. Too often leaders tend to be working in the church rather than on the church. This means that leadership is lacking.

What did they do? They hand picked some men to do the job of serving at tables. What is enlightening to me is the calibre of the men they chose. We get a glimpse at one of the in this v 5, Stephen.

He was a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit. It goes on to say in v8 that he was full of faith and power and did wonders and miracles. And this was the man they chose "just" to serve at tables. Somehow I feel that my CV may not have been strong enough to demand a place in the early church to serve at tables.

My Prayer

Thank you God for the incredible privilege of serving you each day. Give me the strength I need and fill me again with your spirit.


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