Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 18 - 28 Day Challenge

Frustration and God's Perspective

Paul arrives in a new city for him Corinth. God links him up with a couple who happen to have the same skill as he does - tent making. (God is good at planning). It is interesting to note that after his friends Silas and Timothy arrive, he stops tent making and gives his time fully to preaching. (v5) Does that mean that Silas and Timothy found some jobs to pay their way and care for Paul while he was teaching & preaching. Interesting ministry team.

Seems like Paul's time in Corinth was particularly frustrating and success seemed little. He even got to the point where he gave up and wrote the people off. Only thing was that God was not ready to write people off just yet. So he encouraged Paul to keep at it because it didn't look like it at this moment God had many people on his side in the city. (v10)

Even though initial success was limited to one eminent leader and his family it eventually resulted in many people following Jesus.

Out of his frustration a great church was established in Corinth it just took time and obedience to God's word. Be careful who and what you write off and do not give up because God may have other plans.


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