Thursday, September 24, 2009

Warriors - A new way of counting

Some people seem to get all worked up when we mention numbers around church.

On the negative side I've heard many pastors get into a sort of top trump game with numbers. Attendance, salvations, baptism, offerings, building projects sometimes it seems to be a one-up- man-ship. We should be celebrating with each other not competing with each other on numbers.

Perry Noble did a great post on why we should celebrate numbers here.

Reading Chronicles at the moment it would seem that God was interested in numbers, lots of them!

In the first few verses of 1 Chronicles 7 he records something interesting. He records the number of warriors. in verse 11 they are called "combat-ready warriors".

Now that's a new way of counting.

Count the people around you that are ready to fight by your side for God's kingdom rather than watch.

Count the people who are ready to die for rather than discuss the gospel.


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