Friday, September 11, 2009

Erwin McManus - National Leadership Forum

Erwin McManus

• God was thinking about Jeremiah long before his mum and dad were thinking about him. Jeremiah was designed and his life scripted by God the ultimate designer with unlimited creativity.
• There has never been an ordinary human being born so why do so many ordinary people die?
• He sent the Holy Spirit so young men could see visions and old men could dream dreams. The church should be a movement of dreamers and visionaries.
• I’ve never seen anywhere who creates less self aware people than the church.
• Many people are pursuing dreams that are not a fit for their life and there are other people whose dream is a fit but think that it will just happen so they do nothing towards it.
• Much of our leadership training is training people to do the job we want them to do rather than helping to step into their dreams and potential in God.
• You don’t have to tell a child how to dream big.
• You are supposed to live a life that reflects the dreams of God, a life extracts your greatness.
• Don’t confuse what it means to have greatness with what it means to be famous. Being famous is what we do for ourselves greatness is what we do for others.
• All my dreams were buried under the rubble of my failure.
• I wonder if there is a side to you that people call dysfunction that God calls talent.
• What dream is waiting for you at the other side of your fear?
• There are things in life that you can not do for yourself things that only God can do for you.
• It is better to die trying to follow your dream than living an ordinary life.

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