Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tim Sanders - National Leadership Forum

Tim Sanders

• There is enough to go around.
• The proper perspective is worth 50 IQ points
• Scarcity thinking reengineers us to be competitive rather than collaborative.
• When we are trying to get by with less collaboration is the key to success.
• Selfishness originates from a lack of confidence.
• When you live in scarcity other peoples success will add to your unhappiness.
• To move from scarcity you need: Confidence, gratitude & generous till it hurts. (Confidence in God, gratitude for what he has done & driven to generosity because of that.)
• Suffering is a choice pain is a reality.
• Readers are leaders and the future is in books. (One particularly its called the Bible so read it!)
• When I see someone struggling with his attitude at work I believe they have lost their gratefulness.
• When you are suffering with the mutters and ungratefulness write down 3 things that you are grateful for in that role. That will be your shield of gratitude.
• You don’t HAVE to do things you GET to do things. You just need the right perspective. You don’t have to go to work you get to go to work.
• If you are worried go and find someone who is more worried than you and help them.

When you are attached to the vine (Jesus) you have the potential for abundant life. - Ken Blanchard.


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