Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everyone likes a winning team

Why is it no matter where you go in the world you see Manchester United football tops. Basically everyone likes to be on the winning side. (Unless you support my 2 teams Aberdeen and Aston Villa - then loosing seems to be a habit.) But the world is full of glory hunters. Growing up in small village 200 miles from Glasgow I used to get annoyed when someone walked around with a Rangers or Celtic shirt when Aberdeen was only down the road. And they called themselves supporters when the nearest they came to seeing them was when they came to play Aberdeen. (Thankfully at that time Aberdeen won most of the time.)

That's why reading 1 Chronicles 12 today it seemed to go against the flow.

We read of some great warriors who were at the top of their game defect and join the perceived loosing side. They decided to leave King Saul, their relative, and join David who was hiding out in a dessert. These guys were the cream of the kings army.

Somehow they saw beyond the present and recognised that God had a plan. The outcome was not certain. They faced hardship & difficulty but they were ready for anything.

It is great when anyone joins your cause at any time but one thing I do know is that the guys that join you in the dark times are likely to still be with you at the end they are most certainly not glory hunters.


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