Friday, September 11, 2009

Dave Ramsey - National Leadership Forum

Dave Ramsey

• I feel like a wing in a steakhouse.
• I’ve worked my but off for the last 10 years now I am an “overnight” success.
• When I hit rock bottom it was a splat. When you fall that far you don’t bounce.
• If you just keep going when you do something wrong it gets better.
• Nothing is less common than common sense.
• Nothing can be withheld from a group that is unified. (Gen. Tower of Babel)
• 5 enemies of unity: Poor communication, gossip, unresolved disagreements, lack of shared purpose, sanctioned incompetency’s.
• In your organization negatives should be handed up positives should be handed down.
• In the church we will fry you for being an adulterer but don’t for get gossip is in the same list.
• Its ok to have a problem and frustration but don’t gossip hand it up.
• Gossip is when a problem is discussed with a person who can not solve the problem.
• Conflict is a spiritual gift for me!
• You have to cast a vision 21 times before somebody hears is.


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