Friday, September 04, 2009

It's God's Word not ours

2 Kings 9

My readings today brought me to the story of Jehu becoming King of Israel.

The story has a surprising opening. Israel had a King and God was about to announce that this was about to change and Jehu would take charge. Rather important message I think. Demands someone important you would think. A job for the top man. It just had to be Elisha.

Elisha does something crazy he picks a young student to go and deliver this monumental word.

This tells me a lot about Elisha. First and foremost, he recognised that it was not his word it was God's word.

When sharing God's word we are never more than a mouthpiece. So it didn't matter who brought the word. How many leaders today would trust a student to bring a vital word to their church?

This is exactly what Elisha did. He said I am not important in this, I don't need the "glory", I believe in the next generation, I actually believe in the power of God's word rather than my own.

He also told the young prophet after delivering the word to scamper. Deliver God's word and get out of the way and let it do its job.


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