Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seems like a great way to spend $22,000

My friend Roger Blackmore has been church planting in Long Island New York for a number of years.

Their church,, surprisingly meets in a movie theatre each week.

Their vision is to do church in a number of theatres in their region so for the last few months they have been working towards launching their second campus.

For the princely sum of $22,000 they have purchased everything they need to do church in a portable location. PA, video, lights, signs, children's equipment, cafe equipment, literature etc. Rule of thumb for launching a new church campus usually runs into many many more 1000's.

So last week they launched and packed out the screen venue with over 200 on day one. Now for my UK friends who say well that's America. Long Island is far away from the Bible belt and church attendance there more reflects the UK and the 2% of the population that attends church.

They have a great team of committed volunteers who have worked their butts off and God showed up.

Read more about it here & here



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