Thursday, September 10, 2009

Matthew Barnett - National Leadership Forum

• Seek out the welfare of your city.
• I realized that Ministry was not a tool to see how far I could go, but it was how I could help the kids in the neighbourhood find their dreams.
• You need to die to your dreams of success to enter into Jesus dreams for you.
• My church was so rough it looked like a Jerry Springer show.
• If the drug lords of LA work 24 hours I believe God wants to build a church that never sleeps.
• The world knows what the church is against its time the world knows what the church is for.
• Relevance is chasing after a culture and always being one step behind. The church is not called to be relevant it is called to be revolutionary.
• Talking about people in his church: “These guys are saved, but barely saved. If we backslide we gossip. If they backslide they kill you.”
• When you spend your life building the dreams of other God starts doing the impossible.
• We say that people need to believe then they can belong. Jesus allowed people to belong first and then believe.
• If we can just help people to know how big the heart of God is we can change the atmosphere of a community.
• We need the ministry of just showing up in peoples lives every day.
• God does not want the church to be safe he wants it to be dangerous.
• My dream of being a success died and I picked up another dream. One of being a blessing.


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