Thursday, September 10, 2009

Henry Cloud

Today I am watching the National Leadership Forum Webcast. The First speaker is Dr Henry Cloud. Here are some of his thoughts:

• The great leaders are the ones who have not neglected their personal development.
• Your Character will catch up with your abilities and giftedness.
• I am the pooper scooper of leadership.
• Successful people have an ability to build alliances and are competent but they are a dime a dozen. The people who are successful in the long hall all have the character to not screw it up.
• The Bible tends to agree with reality. So you better show up with the whole package not just one trait of good character.
• Character equals the need to meet the demands of reality.
• Character is essential when your competencies and alliances get you to a place where the weather of leadership can pull you apart.
• Character will enable to connect with the hearts of people. Persuasion and charisma is not enough.
• God did not try to persuade us to come up to a higher level the leader came down to meet us and lift us to a higher level.
• Be orientated towards the truth. Being honest is not enough.
• The best leaders say reality (more truth) is my friend and they are always looking for more of it no matter what it looks like.
• Some leaders are fire, aim, ready rather than ready, aim , fire.
• Great leaders know when to let go of things.
• Sometimes character is upsetting people.
• The future of the company is in the 20% shut down the rest.
• Mature leaders don’t go hiding. They go looking for problems because they know that they are what lie between them and their future.
• Great leaders even when petrified cannot woos out because they have a vision.
• You need a vision that will get you out of your comfort zone.
• If you step out of your comfort zone you may find you can do things you never dreamed you could do.
• A leader needs to recognise that its not all about them.


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