Friday, September 11, 2009

The Bishop - National Leadership Forum

T D Jakes

• Take tome time to sharpen the axe when so many are cutting with blunt instruments.
• John, who is always at pains to inform us about the deity of Jesus also tells us about the time when this president of the Universe when alone in a room with his followers for a 5 minutes takes off his coat and becomes a servant.
• Just like Jesus surround yourself with people who are different.
• When you surround yourself with people just like you, you miss the opportunity to check your wisdom.
• Don’t make your decisions on paper but on people.
• It is a dangerous thing to lead an organization that is so traditional that no one thinks outside the box.
• In Jesus ordinariness is his greatness, in his humility is his power.
• How can you give your money to someone called “Made-off” (Bernie Madoff)
• You will never be a great leader till you care about little things.
• What are you doing to serve your generation?
• People love to tell you where they came from. People don’t pay you for where you came from they pay you for where you are going.
• People never follow ordinary.
• Talking about traditions: You got to break a few eggs to make an omelet but lets scramble them up and get it on.
• If you surround yourself with people who do the same as you. They will compete with you and not complete you.
• You will want in your life a FEW confidants. They are FOR you no matter what.
• If you do not have a confidant you will be like a boiler with no valve about to explode. Then you will end up exploding in the arms of a prostitute in a hotel room.
• Understand the difference between a confidant and a constituent. A constituent is not for YOU they are for what you are for. But if a faster car comes along they will leave you even though they have taught them everything they know.
• Be careful when leading people who are comrades. They are with you because they are against what you are against. Once the fight is over they will leave.
• If you give me a mike and a crowd I could tie you up a long time!
• What is it about service that God Himself found fun?


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