Wednesday, September 24, 2008

See or be the miracle?

I have often prayed for a miracle. The vast majority of times it has not happened. I cherish the odd occasions that something miraculous has happened. When nothing has happened my emotions have ranged from disappointed to angry (yes with God).

I saw this quote over at deadly viper quoting Nick Vujici that i wrote about here.

“Sometimes you don’t get the miracle you are praying for and if you don’t, then you become the miracle for someone else.” He went on to talk of a 3 year old boy he met with no arms and no legs and how he and his family have been able to encourage them and support them.

I agree with Deadly Viper, maybe we should all focus a little more on being the miracle than getting a miracle. Who can you be a miracle for today?


Anonymous said...

thank you for these words of encouragement it really uplifted me

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