Monday, September 15, 2008

What will you do with God's gift?

I read in my daily devotions yesterday about the life of King Hezekiah.

Although his grandfather and father did not lead Judah well Hezekiah's reign as monarch started out well. He reopened the temple and reinstated religious celebrations. He pulled the nations focus back onto God. At the peak of his power he contracted a disease which was to result in his death. God choose to grant him a 15 year extension to his life. 15 Years to make a difference for God. 15 years to say thank you for healing him for giving him life.

What did he choose to do. He choose to immediately form an alliance with the enemy in direct contradiction to what God had told him. God's word to him through Isaiah was to trust in God and everything would be OK. Instead of walking in FAITH he chose his own works. He would fix the security of his nation by his own efforts so he invited the future invaders into his confidence.

He also had a son during this time that succeeded him on his throne who ended up being nothing short of a disaster.

All in all it would he made a hash of his extra gift from God. We have been given a brand new life in Jesus. We have an awesome responsibility to do something with this incredible gift.


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