Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Levi, more than jeans

When you arrive at the book of Chronicles in your daily readings you begin to wish that humans had lost the ability to procreate. Generation after generation then going back over them for no apparent reason. Why do you want me to read this God?

However that aside I read today in 1 Chronicles 6 about the descendents of Levi. I find them interesting because like their ancestor they were known as a bit hot headed. Well maybe a more polite way of putting it was passionate or zealous.

After an argument with his Dad this was said of him: "Cursed is their zealousness for it is brazen and their wrath for it is hard. I will separate them and scatter them throughout Israel" (Genesis 49:6-7).

But a few generations later Moses said this of the Levites: "Your righteous men...keeper of Your word and covenant; He shall teach Your judgment in Jacob and Your Torah in Israel...Blessed of God is his valour and his actions are pleasing..." (Deuteronomy 33:8-11).

The Levites were able to apply their physical and spiritual strength to the fulfilment of God's will and gain the role of God's trusted servants as the honour guard, gatekeepers and musicians of the Temple

I am glad God uses passionate, zealous, loyal and sometimes hot headed people.


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