Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gods Judgement

Continuing my daily devotions, reading the last couple of Chapters in Kings today was not an inspiring read. We see the culmination of decade upon decade of God's people ignoring his words.

v 2 Through the preaching of his servants and prophets, God had said he would do this, and now he was doing it.

God had spoken to his chosen people time and time again. Sometimes they would listen and make some short term changes but eventually they seemed to forget the what God had said to them and revert to type. Now they experienced God's judgement.

Its a phrase that I here people throwing around allot nowadays. We are told that our country is under God's judgement because of this or that, AID'S was called God's judgement on homosexuals. Sometimes I think we Christians seem to all to ready to dispense God's judgement on others.

Its interesting to note that God's judgement here was on his people for continually not listening to him. So I think to myself soberly today what has God taken the time to tell me many times and in may different ways that I am still stubbornly ignoring?


Anonymous said...

we tend to highlight God's judgement instead of his mercy and love i use to think that way but i am slowly learning otherwise

Anonymous said...

Great comment Billy, I'm going to be thinking about that all day today.

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