Sunday, September 07, 2008


  • Busy day looks like people coming back of holiday since kids went back to school so number on Sunday climbing up again.
  • Had a some friends from India, Albania, Uganda, Kenya and Morocco with us today. Great to hear all they are doing. If you were at the service and want to hear more about the people go here or here.
  • Frustrated with powerpoint. First service embedded music didn't play. Second service transition time reset on all slides so they went through too fast. Thankfully worked OK by 3rd service.
  • Quite a few new visitors particularly lots of new kids in Kidz Church.
  • All the children moved up a year in class so lots of excitement.
  • Got home and crashed out on couch, woke up in time to go out for meal with our visitors and friends.
  • Nice meal at the time but now feeling a bit queasy.
  • Played the new favourite Ritchie game - UNO - Very pleased had to pick up about 30 cards but still won!
  • Now watching my team Dallas Cowboys in the first game of the NFL season.
  • Looking forward to having staff breakfast with our friend Andrew Shearman tomorrow.


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