Thursday, September 04, 2008

Blind Spots

Last night I took a little time out to watch some no brain TV. First day back after holiday I needed it my brain was fried. So I settled down to watch a couple of programmes I had Sky+'d. Dragons Den and X Factor. (I Know I am sad but sometime you just got to do it)

What struck me watching the 2 shows back to back was people have huge blind spots and I mean huge.

You just know that this guy or girl before they even open their mouth is going to murder a great song. Yet they are absolutely convinced that they are the next great superstar. I don't understand it but they really believe it and the look of incredulity on their face when the answer is no is a sight to behold.

Then we switch to a group of people that should be a little more clued up. Inventors and business people looking for £10,000's of investment. You realise they are barking mad the 5 experts tell them that their idea is not the best thing since sliced bread but their is no convincing them.

Otherwise sane (well almost) people just don't see the glaringly obvious.

Christians are not immune from this disease. People have told me all sorts of things: God has called me to preach, then you listen to them and think what was God thinking. I feel called to lead worship, and your thinking with that voice there will be no one left in the church to lead. I’m going to join the welcome team but a smile is as foreign to their face as the pope at a Rangers game.

Made me think about my blind spots and who I should be listening to and taking note of that I am not.


Anonymous said...

well as Christians we can do any thing in Christ who strengthens us

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