Saturday, September 06, 2008

Right politics

I am one of those people who actually like politics, well I do find it fascinating. I enjoy reading about politicians. I enjoy staying up during the night at election time watching the results come in. And although I do not quite understand completely American politics I am finding the Obama - McCain battle intriguing.

I am going to show me colours (forgive me) but I celebrated in the early hours when Michael Portilo lost to an unknown a few years ago. We got rid of the Tories and a bright new day had dawned or so we thought. Only to find out that this new lot were no better than the previous lot.

Maybe if we had Christians in power? Well John Calvin's rule in Geneva is nothing to shout about.

But in the end can politics make a difference? Imagine for instance if we had the perfect line up of government both national and local. Everyone elected to the best position for them, everyone of them full of integrity etc etc. Would that solve things and give us the perfect system.

John Ortberg asks the question this way:

  • Would the hearts of the parents be turned toward their children?
  • Would all marriages be models of faithful love?
  • Would greed and pride be legislated out of existence?
  • Would assistant pastors find senior pastors to be models of harmony and delight?
  • Would human beings now at last be able to master our impulses around sexuality, and anger, and narcissism?
  • Would you finally become the woman or man you know you ought to be?
Think the answer is no. The answer can not be found in systems or policies they can only be found when the human heart meets a loving God, realises it has beat too long to its own desire and turns to please its saviour.


Anonymous said...

i wonder which of the three is the anti christ

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