Tuesday, September 09, 2008


We live in the INSTANT society. Waiting for anything is now a thing of the past.

INSTANT Credit allows us to buy now pay later. Reality TV shows make INSTANT celebrities. Lotteries make INSTANT millionaires. MSN give us INSTANT messaging. Nescafe gives us INSTANT Coffee (Although its starbucks for me) Microwaves give us INSTANT meals and our remote controls give us INSTANT entertainment.

Its good to remember that when we pray we get and INSTANT answer. Yes, No or Later.

We may not always like the answer especially when it is LATER that means that we have to WAIT.

I am not sure if all the INSTANT stuff I have listed is very good for us and I am reminded of the movie "Bruce Almighty" where Bruce just sets his computer to answer yes to all prayers. Disaster ensued.

Maybe if God wants us to WAIT it isn't such a bad thing.


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