Sunday, September 14, 2008


  • Great start to our new In Focus series.
  • The band was great again this week.
  • My highlight was a new song for us - Undivided by Joye Wade of Elevation church. Read the lyrics here. Listen to it here. Buy and download here. You may also want to pray for Joye and his wife and twin babies who are facing difficult times.
  • We also sang a great old Hymn - I surrender all. Great line in it- Oh the joy of FULL salvation. Aren't you glad that God does not do things in half measure.
  • Mark preached on getting our lives into focus.
  • Loved it when he told us that he walked into the Ladies changing room at a spa because he was not wearing his glasses.
  • Loved his comment on Ephesians 1 v 11 - God had his eye on you babe before you knew it. If you were at MKCC toady what was your highlight or take away?
  • For some reason crowd a bit low today!?
  • Remember to register for Cap Money Management Course and or Made For Ministry.
  • Watched the Grand Prix
  • Went for coffee with Nicola while kids were at Base
  • Now watching Green Bay v Detroit


Anonymous said...

It was very good service today i enjoyed the old song i surrender all i love when Mark say we must focus on people, focus on the creator and not on the creative if our life is out of focus we will wear ourselves out I feel Mark was speaking to me the words today were powerful It leave me wondering what is God plan for me

Andy said...

That'd be 'Wade Joye'...

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