Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Josiah the Great

I Kings 23

Josiah as King of Judah heard the word of God for the first time when the top religious leaders found the book of Gods instructions. Yes the priests were in such a mess that they had lost God's word for years.

At the age of 26 Josiah repented on the spot and set about cleaning house. The list of things he had to do shows the extent of how far God's people had wandered from Him. Josiah shows great qualities of leadership:

* He admitted he was wrong
* He went to God
* He consulted with others who were hearing from God
* He got the main players on board
* He was diligent in application

This was his epitaph: 1 Kings 23 v 25 - There was no king to compare with Josiah—neither before nor after—a king who turned in total and repentant obedience to God, heart and mind and strength, following the instructions revealed to and written by Moses. The world would never again see a king like Josiah.


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