Monday, June 15, 2009

Whose strength?

Judges 15 & 16

The story of Samson is a classic example of how not to handle success. On the face of it he did some great things but with every deed he took another step away from God. He started to believe his own hype instead of believing and listening to God.

He is so wrapped up in himself that he even tells God that it’s about time he got a reward for giving God a victory. (Judges 15 v 18) Man this man is messed up.

It was not that Samson had forgotten about God, he had just shifted the power base from God to him. Belief in his own success had blinded him long before he lost his eyes. Why else would a man of God be caught in the wrong place with a prostitute? Then not recognise the danger of a situation time after time until it was too late.

Samson learned a lesson but the marks of his ego, self-reliance and sin stayed with him till his death.

When God brings success into our lives it is so easy to forget that it was Him that brought it. It's easy to stop looking at and trusting in God and start looking and trusting in ourselves.

If and when success enters our lives lets humbly thank God, celebrate with everyone involved and ask God what’s next? Then do it.


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