Monday, June 08, 2009


Last night I got an e-mail from my friend Roger to tell me that another pastor has messed up, had an affair and resigned.

I only met this guy once but have been following his progress and that of his church through the Internet - blogs, twitter etc. It's strange how you build up a connection, be it one sided, through just reading.

I'm gutted for him, his wife, his kids, his staff, his church members & his town. Make no bones about it he and his church were making an impact for God. Messed up people were meeting Jesus and the church was growing. Now the people and the kingdom of God have taken another massive kick in the teeth.

He and everyone connected are now living with the consequences of sin, as we all do, every day.

I am sure there will be much said by many people across the web as he lived some of his ministry life out on line, including his resignation letter but I will leave that to others.

I will stick with praying for him, his wife, kids, Church staff and members. When I heard I was reminded of another man who was after God's heart, King David who messed up in a similar way. After being confronted by Nathan and confessing to God, Nathan said something interesting:

“Yes, but that’s not the last word. God forgives your sin." - 2 Sam 12 v 13

I pray that this will not be the last word over this pastor’s life and because of God's forgiveness it does not have to be.


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