Tuesday, June 09, 2009

When solution doesn't exactly deal with the problem

The Open Episcopal Church have seen a problem:

"The sense people have to go to places to worship is something their parents did. The churches we work with have got respect for the fact that we're taking the church to places it hasn't been before." YES UNDERSTAND!

"It is a mistake to locate a church as those who gather in a building. There is a large population who have haemorrhaged away from church but regard themselves as committed Christians." OK WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?

"THE HOST IN THE POST" - The Open Episcopal Church has come up with a novel way of extending their reach into the community by offering to send people their communion wafers in the post.

The Daily Telegraph reports: "The postal wafer itself is free but there will be a charge for postage and packing - the postage for one wafer costs £2 while postage for 500 costs £10."

Now if you had given me 100 years to come up with a solution for this problem I still don't think I would have come up with that.


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