Sunday, June 14, 2009

Perry Noble @ MKCC

Today we continued our month of joining 1600 churches from around the world for one prayer.

Today we welcomed, via video, Perry Noble. Perry is the pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina. I have enjoyed listening to Perry's ministry over the last few years and it was great for our whole church to hear him.

Here are some of the highlights from his message:

  • God is ... HERE.
  • God is as real as the person sitting next to you.
  • If we begin to forget that God is with us we just need to look at the life of Jesus.
  • What blows my mind about Jesus is that he came here. Yes he came here!
  • Jesus has the corner on the supernatural not Stephen King. The virgin birth? You don't know anyone that has pulled that off.
  • The key to a supernatural life is: stop doing it by yourself. Listen to god and go all out doing what he says.
  • Yes @perrynoble said CRAP in a UK church and the world did not come to an end.
  • If we ever feel that God has forgotten you remember just like it killed me to be away from bread on the fatkins diet it breaks the heart of god that he is separated from you because of sin. So he sent Jesus. Just look at the death of Jesus
  • As a Christian we get obsessed with who we used to be and our past but God looks at who he created you to be.
  • Jesus doesn't hold up your mess and rub your nose in it. He cleans it up and deals with it.
  • One of the things we forget as Christians is that we win. We are on the winning team.
  • Sometimes we have to experience pain to understand His provision in life. Sometimes it feels like we are being crucified but resurrection is coming.
  • I'll bet you that Jesus put a cross on the devils forehead to show everyone he messed with the wrong person, Jesus.
If you want to hear more of Perry's ministry you can follow his blog. Watch NewSpring Services online. Visit their web campus (UK Sundays 4:15 pm, 7 pm & 11 pm) . Or download their podcasts on audio or video.


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