Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sharing the Greatest Story

There is a movie about Jesus life called "The Greatest Story Ever Told". I agree it is.

In our churches (and outside) we need to ensure firstly we are telling people about Jesus. No other message will do. Only Jesus can make the difference in our lives. Second we must communicate his story in the best, relevant and most creative way we can. The greatest story deserves the greatest effort.

Sometime I am surprised how boring we can make it.

So I was interested to read this article about how the Church of England is trying to assist their churches in putting on services that harness modern technology and use modern culture to engage people.

Don't always agree with the Archbishop of Canterbury but here is what he said:

"The Bible is full of stories about God communicating through act and sign as well as language ... Far from being bound to communication through clear information economically expressed in words, our society is still deeply sensitive to symbols and inclined to express important feelings and perceptions in this way."

I'm with him.


David Hart said...

We have a Fresh Expressions group in MK.

Check out the website:

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