Friday, June 05, 2009

Being & Doing in Community

Since I was a little boy and first experienced God's love I have always wanted to do great things for God. Not a bad desire. But that's also where the battle started.

For so many years, and even now I relapse, I missed the point that God is more interested in me BEING rather than me DOING.

If I'm not becoming more like Jesus then my doing is going to be holed below the waterline. So my doing is sabotaged by my doubt and self-loathing because of my own internal private warzone. In which I continue to lose and hide, isolated and alone whilst surrounded by people and friends all fighting the same battles but too scared and proud to join forces.

I read this recently in a book called Sampson & the Pirate Monks:

    "I am merely part of a team. I am unique but only in the way that a snowflake is unique. We are different but not easily distinguished. We are ALL composed of the same stuff. We all fall to the ground, and we achieve our most captivating beauty in community."
I am learning two things BEING who God made me to be is more important that what I do. And authentic relationship is not only a key to my transformation to become LIKE Jesus it is also how WE will do great things - Together.


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